Outdoor training

Team development / Visions
Experience a little adventure!

Outdoor means training your abilities through direct and hands-on experiences. Individual limits will be identified in the fields of self, social contacts and at the corporate level, and these will be developed further through concrete activities. The natural adventure opens the way for personal appraisal, and creates the necessary foundations for reorientation. The focus of the exercise lies in personal and individual adventure, and not in hazardous trials of courage.

Outdoor training means:

- For the individual
You will be able to optimise your personal performance, and boost your satisfaction. You will acquire an improved understanding of yourself as well as of your fellow team members in they way they think and act. You will discover a sense of detachment and equilibrium with respect to your day-to-day environment. Hands-on training will enable you to optimise the competencies which are fundamental to your success, such as communication skills, leadership and stress management.

- For the team
Your team-working processes will be optimised. The available resources and qualities will be applied to maximum effect. Potential sources of conflict will be analysed. You will discover new personal resources and qualities.

- For the market

Your product will be optimised. The unique nature of your enterprise will be highlighted.

Training in an open natural environment calls for self-confidence and team spirit, and changes the way the participants perceive their own bodies. The natural world acts as the perfect coach. The challenge is to try things out which are not accustomed or habitual – a key characteristic of successful people. Such situations seldom call for long discussions, and instead demand quick responses. These challenges are experienced in a “hands-on” test of effectiveness.

The training focuses on six key skills:
- Grasping problems/obtaining information
- Planning action
- Team skills
- Optimising decision-making processes
- Stress management
- Achieving targets

The outdoor events are held at Infoart’s in-house Training Centre in the Swiss Engadine, as well as in Ceará, the magical ecological corner of Brazil.

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