Further training

Further training

We are your outsourcing partners for your further training offensive.

In today’s hard-fought business environment, there is often not enough time to plan and organize targeted and effective training measures.
We work together with you to produce a concept which is tailored to the particular quality assurance needs of your company.

Further training planning

Our approach.
The planning of further training measures can essentially be broken down into the following phases (based on the Infoart change circle):

1. Analysis
Concrete evaluation of the starting situation
Duration: approx. ½ day with participants or contact person
2. Planning
Drawing up the situation-specific course and training elements
Infoart-internal planning and development
3. Implementation
Action-oriented course and training programme / transfer to the day-to-day business environment
Duration: one seminar day is planned on 14 November
4. Verification
Follow-up: analysis of the steps of change / transfer to the day-to-day business environment
Duration: approx. ½ day1.