CCC - Coaching

Intercultural Coaching
Cross culture coaching

The cross culture coaching is aimed at senior management staff, personnel directors and those with key leadership responsibilities etc., who are required to travel abroad either regularly or for a specific period. The cross cultural and psychological support and consultation prior to, during and following such assignments, linked to a comprehensive planning of professional, career and private considerations (families) remain the focus of attention.

General objectives:

- To enable you to optimize your performance and increase your confidence and satisfaction.
- You will be provided with permanent and ample feedback – including during your foreign assignment.
- To enable you to boost your professional and private future options and perspectives.
- Your company’s real net output will rise.

In close conjunction with you we will evaluate your cross culture potential and will draw up your personality inventory. These personal resources will enable you to acquire new cross cultural skills. You will be able to operate in the new cultural environment with greater confidence and openness, and with less anxiety. This will present both expatriates and the company alike with a firm foundation on which to take decisions.

The growing demands placed on managers in the international field call for new methods and strategies to be applied when it comes to mastering management tasks. Performance has always been the ultimate criteria for success at work. But now what is also required is a management style which depends upon a mastery of the required specialist skills and which increasingly draws personality values such as human integrity, intuition and creativity into professional life. Furthermore,

a high level of professional commitment calls for the transition between management and private life to be optimized. For this to be realized, managers need to apply new methods of situation-specific process support.

Just as in the case of sports, coaches not only train the technical skills of their athletes. They also provide support, advice and tips on all aspects of daily life. These include mental and psychological considerations. This means that with the help of coaches, managers can be helped to recognize clearly their own strengths and weaknesses. With the coaches’ help they can learn to master these and to use them to their own best advantage. The aim here is to optimize performance through developing one’s individual personality. In a sense, the demands placed upon managers and athletes are the same:

- Commitment
- Performance
- Concentration
- Ability to take decisions
- Ability to judge situations
- Ability to focus energy
- Motivation

Personality values such as human integrity, intuition and creativity are increasingly in demand. In order to meet this demand, new methods of situation-specific process support are required.

Cross culture coaching is a form of consultation for

- Problem solving
- Planning action
- Optimizing decision-making processes
- Achieving goals
- Psychohygiene

The coach will accompany you to where you wish your goals to be achieved. Cross culture training is based primarily on the insights of psychology. The aim is to help you to motivate yourself by drawing upon your belief in your own abilities and the determination to achieve your own goals. Various forms of mental training are used to boost performance.